Love Mistakes
Planet E

Conceived as an aural tribute to the ‘Hansa recording studios’ on Köthener Straße No. 38 in Berlin, this long player courtesy of Matt Edwards (aka Radio Slave) and Thomas Gandey (aka Cagedbaby) not only boasts purely live instrumentation but also the transcendent atmosphere of the music produced. Hansa was made famous by the likes of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Tangerine Dream and Depeche Mode, amongst many significant others and is obviously a hard act to follow with the album taking its main inspiration from Bowie’s 1977 masterpiece Low. The result is a suitably stunning experience which blends a rich mixture of beats and percussion augmented by an intense musicality that is as far away from the mindless repetition of Tech House as you could imagine. Indeed, you could for example say that the piano played on Piano 2 Variation 4 has been spiritually guided. Or, try soaking up the haunting, ambience triggered by Hansa itself complete with taught electro drums, while the concluding title track ends on a wash of Fender Rhodes echoing your imagination to hear the excellence all over again…

release: September 15



Hipp-e and Halo’s distinctive release from just under ten years ago now gets revitalised via an excellent set of remixes transforming this gem directly into 2014. Beginning with Yousef’s great version that sets addictive organ notes against a fiery backdrop of hypnotic percussion and pulsating beats this is built for the repeat button. The Space Coast take is next combining sparkling synths and tough bass, followed by Sneak’s relentless attack on the senses. Franck Roger’s outstanding funky bassline driven remix then scores high, while DJ Buck adds a cool Disco flavour with a twist. Craig Richards then defies expectations by dropping the tempo into darker territory with a heavy dose of sound effects, leaving Adam Shelton to pick up the pace once again with another suitably punchy rendition that rocks the floor. All good.

Walter Ego
2020 Vision

Surpassing the computer functionality of the title this strips it back to basics via a pumping House beat and accompanying bassline. Not quite so sure about the vocal line despite its obvious catchiness but then there is always a great Dub version to contend with. Or, the excellent PBR Streetgang Remix which transforms the vocal into filtered nirvana via an array of swirling synths and an ecstatic arrangement. Second track, The Project delves deeper again with a detuned vocal loop, as does the addictive The Pattern which is complimented by a first rate rhythm section.

release: September 11

Slow Hands
Everything (We Are)
Wolf + Lamb Records

What’s not to like about this. After all if breathy vocal deliveries and syncopated basslines backed up by punchy drumming are your thing then this is just right on the opening, ‘Miss White’. While the title track has a restrained yet slightly epic feel to it care off a rousing chorus line backed-up by Dave Robertson’s vocals and atmospheric instrumentation. Who then re-appears as Cameo Culture for the remix by adding a funkier attitude to the proceedings. Finally, Second Fiddle again weaves the delicate vocals through a musical fabric that sounds playful and enjoyable.

release (digital): September 15


H Foundation Q&A

Tell us about your return to production as H-Foundation, and what were the reasons that made you decide to stop in the first place?

H-Foundation-1Halo: We decided to bring back H Foundation about 3 yrs ago within those 3 yrs we have been hammering away in the studio with tons of new material including labels Supplement Facts, 1Trax, One Records, Magnetic, Leftroom & our label Surface. When we decided to give H Foundation a break it was a mutual decision to focus on our own musical careers.
Hipp-e : We parted ways mainly to focus on our solo careers as well as start families and ground ourselves a bit. When we decided to bring H Foundation back was after finally re connecting musically as well as maturing and growing as individuals, we have a completely new passion for what we want!

What became known as the ‘West Coast Sound’ pioneered by you became heavily influential throughout Europe and beyond. Who has most influenced your sound in 2014 either in Dance music or outside of it?

Halo : WOW thats a tough one we have been influenced by so many Djs & Producers, like Loco Dice, Hector, Re-Up, Francisco Allendes.
Hipp-e : Yeah and we are collaborating with some great artists, like David Durango and Proudly People as well as Allendes. Also we are really inspired by the people we have signed to Surface. There is solo much great music and artists out there, we are excited for 2014!!

Your latest single: Kontrol Room has just been released on DJ Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings. Can you talk us through how you produced it and about any favourite pieces of studio equipment you like to use?

Halo:  Sneak’s been family to us for years and it was the perfect timing to produce something special for him for Magnetic, about 6 months ago I flew down to Denver to work on Kontrol Room we spent about 4 days on it we wanted to incorporate something fresh but with an dubby space teky vibe thats where our friend C.1  came into the picture, we wanted him to freestyle about being in space.
Hipp-e : Yeah Sneak is old friends we have talked about working on tracks with him for years and he’s always supported and guided us as family does, We are happy to be part of his camp!

The single features C.1. How did his involvement come about?

Hipp-e:  C1 is an old friend of mine from Denver and he has been in the scene here for years. He is part of a Rap group” FoodChain” a group of super talented guys. we wanna work more with him in the future!

How would place the importance of vocals/ songs in Dance Music? And how do you feel about the current vogue for Disco re-edits and the influence of early 90’s House again?

Hipp-e and Halo: We super picky about what vocals to use in our music and the music we play, we don’t think its super important to have a vocal in every single dance record I think it should preference. WOW yes theres a lot of Disco Re-Edits coming out, we don’t really play any disco edits out but I’ve heard some really nice ones. Since we were Dj’ing in the 90’s we are huge fans of that dirty 909 feel there’s tons of really nice stuff coming out at the moment that s been influenced by the early 90’s stuff.

Can you tell us about the plans for Halo’s Surface Recordings? And about any other forthcoming releases?

Hipp-e and Halo: We have some really nice projects lined up for Surface including projects by Francisco Allendes, Proudly People, Hector & H Foundation
We are busy at the moment working on a few really nice projects and remixes we also have an album coming out this April on Sneak’s Magnetic label thats called “Passage Of Time” which is about 16 of our classic remixes and original material from 1999-2004 remastered.

Where can people get to hear you DJ?

H-Foundation-2Hipp-e and Halo: we’ve held of off touring the last couple yrs to work in the studio and get a bunch of new material out with that said we have decided that we are going to start touring in April so you will be seeing a lot more of H Foundation Dj dates




H-Foundation feat. C1
Kontrol Room
Magnetic Recordings

H-Foundation aka Hipp-E & Halo mark their return to production after a few years absence with this release for DJ Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings. The original see’s their trademark combination of hot drums and bass feel every bit as energising with pounding beats offset by a creative array of effects to engage your imagination amid C1’s commanding voice. Remixes come via Sneak’s relentless HG Dub, Tripmastaz excellent and spacey Takes Kontrol Mix, and finally Joeski’s extra-excellent percussion heavy version that seems like one extra long break-beat but is actually the most musical too.

release: January 27

Giorgio Moroder vs I-Robots
Me Giorgio (The I-Robots Reconstructions)
Deeplay Digital

DD 005 Giorgio Moroder vs I-Robots - Utopia Me Giorgio (The I-Robots Reconstructions)Never mind Daft Punk listen to this. Originally appearing on the From Here To Eternity album all the way back in 1977 this proto just-about-everything-relevant electronic Dance number still sounds glorious in 2014 as a Opilec Music boss, I-Robots reconstruction. Remaining deceptively faithful, while expanded from the original’s just a shade over three minutes long, this shimmering Disco production feels every bit as innovative on any of three versions available here.

release: February 28


Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity (1977 music video)

Various Artists
World Cinema In The 60s: Volume One
Cherry Red Records

The title alone should be enough to whet your appetite for this experience. But when you add the list of names whose films are sound tracked by this selection then this proves to be a must have for those that like it cinematic and jazzy, or intense and atmospheric. Francois Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Orson Wells and Stanley Kubrick are amongst the more familiar credits while including scores from Jules et Jim and Dr. Strangelove. At times haunting, at others uplifting this swirling collection of orchestra drama and hot Jazz is perfectly suited to entertain dark corners and low winter sun. Listen below for a taste of the emotive instrumentation and vocals that lie in store….


CHARO and the Salsoul Orchestra
Cuchi-Cuchi: Expanded Edition
Big Break Records/ Salsoul Records

Maria del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza, better known by her stage name CHARO, is a Spanish-American actress, singer, comedienne and flamenco guitarist (voted Best Flamenco Guitarist twice in Guitar Player Magazine). Turning up on Salsoul in 1977 this album contains a frankly jaw-dropping version of The Stones ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’ but also lush Disco number ‘Dance A Little Bit Closer’ in its full glorious 12” version. It’s quite surprising/ startling to hear all that classic Salsoul instrumentation under Vincent Montana Jr’s guidance backing up such novelties as Cookie Jar but there you go, although there’s not a bad version of ‘You’re Just The Right Size’ for good measure.


The 12” version ‘Dance A Little Bit Closer’

‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’