Honoree РMar̩e Haute EP РRekids

I keep on returning to Rekids not least of all because they always have something refreshing to say. Honoree’s sterling new production for the label achieves that sense of wonder through dark, smouldering drums, stunning commanding basslines and deliciously dead-pan vocals that simply drip with atmosphere, painting Dorian with suitably haunting tones. This is just excellent. Next number, 208 and its array of ponderous beats and punctuating percussion which again leans on the darker side continues the theme. Leaving Margaret Dygas to return to Dorian digging into deeper depths via robust low-end accompanied by occasional keys plus the splash of sizzling percussion on what is undoubtedly an urgent and first-rate remix.

Release: January 19

Pre-order: https://lnk.to/REKIDS113


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