Last Magpie – Kissing Stones – Me Me Me

Within moments Feelings From The Depth Of My Soul seems like home. Strange the way music has the power to do that sometimes but the layering of sparse keys is done so well it becomes a comfortable place to find yourself. The breadth of the album suggests a lost and found yearning which encompasses both a haunting melancholy but also an understated delight that things can occur in unexpected ways. The sumptuous bass and re-assuring swirls and drums of Esmarelda are a case in point, floating across the sea of stereo, while the proceeding Redemption gets tougher in turn. The soundtrack then unfolds playing with moods, rhythms and intensity such as on the percussive and spectacular 42ha252. Looping, soon resolves that unease via sequences of chiming notation, leaving the wonderfully titled The Space Between Words time to explore that very subject in searing, soaring ways.

Release: June 15

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