Last Magpie – Kissing Stones – Me Me Me

Within moments Feelings From The Depth Of My Soul seems like home. Strange the way music has the power to do that sometimes but the layering of sparse keys is done so well it becomes a comfortable place to find yourself. The breadth of the album suggests a lost and found yearning which encompasses both a haunting melancholy but also an understated delight that things can occur in unexpected ways. The sumptuous bass and re-assuring swirls and drums of Esmarelda are a case in point, floating across the sea of stereo, while the proceeding Redemption gets tougher in turn. The soundtrack then unfolds playing with moods, rhythms and intensity such as on the percussive and spectacular 42ha252. Looping, soon resolves that unease via sequences of chiming notation, leaving the wonderfully titled The Space Between Words time to explore that very subject in searing, soaring ways.

Release: June 15


Man Power presents: Bed Wetter – Billy Mill is Dead – Me Me Me

If music isn’t deeply personal then what is it? If it doesn’t challenge, and upset what you expect from an artist, then perhaps it doesn’t say enough. The accents which colour the landscapes throughout Man Power’s journey into his soul, resonate with the human condition the world over as memories fade in and out of view. It is a most welcome exploration of emotion and of course the power of sound, even more so as beats are mostly dropped from the equation allowing the superior pulse of electricity to paint its own illusive picture. Rarely pausing for breath stories are told beginning with Auntie Joan From Cullercoats – though it could be the voice of your own parents talking. Then the brave, exquisite bassline of Len & Betty follows as the unfolding swirls of beautifully, rich keys accompany the listen. From there on in the poignancy continues apace breathing imagination into the escape of childhood, such as on First Metro First Light. Peppered by newsreel speech, folk tales, and even a chorus plucked from the BBC’s Children In Need from yesteryear, there is an almost transcendent, haunting quality which is forever present, while at once feeling happy/ sad. Part of the power of music is its ability to communicate. This does so in abundance.

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Man Power – Valhalla & Fidelity – Me Me Me

Another hot creation from the mind of Man Power sees bold Bass command the stereo like life on earth depended on it. The suitably titled Valhalla plays as a cryptic realisation of events, driving thought and process all the way, while proving to be nothing short of a stunning, outstanding piece of work to celebrate the labels second year in existence. The climactic rush of synthesisers that hit somewhere mid-point break down into an almost classical crescendo that is pure ecstasy. It’s actually a surprisingly uncomplicated production given the brutal intensity which the sounds gather to occupy. The chiming arpeggios of Fidelity then follow with a reference to 2001 igniting the shimmering techno hi-hats and compelling soundscapes throughout the operation.

Release: September 28


Austin Ato – The Sound Of – Me Me Me

This sequence of four energised numbers from Colin Bailey feels very much like getting your life affirmed all in one listen. There’s something particularly joyous about the beginning He Can Ride which serves the title as a repeating, infectious vocal line against a tough backdrop of deeply pounding drums, bass plus the melodic flair of riffing synths. The inescapably summertime vibes of the electric piano fuelled Dah Dah Dah follows in uplifting procession, leaving the Detroit styled toughness of Maelstrom to compliment perfectly. The infusion of jazz and funk then sits comfortably together as familiar vocals criss-cross the territory of cool horn blasts and loops galore which inevitably seal the deal.

Release: July 13


Various Artists – We We We Sampler 1&2 – Me Me Me

First off. This highly charged collection of 25 tracks featured on the new compilation from Man Power’s Me Me Me has its own full release accompanied by two additional vinyl only releases, all in aid of the Help Refugees charity. Next off, also happy to say that each production is more or less a gem in itself. Vinyl sampler one has the explosively deep Night Charmer by Pional hit hard with rolling toms pounding out seductive rhythms as yearning voices leave their impression on your soul. Juan Maclean’s smoky Quantum Reach featuring Amy Douglas follows, while the more robust temptation provided by Force Majeure’s excellent Tiwanaku kicks in next. Edmondson’s jerky and extremely funky (and excellent) Village then lands completing. Sampler two begins with Shit Robot’s unforgiving Today I Cried, while AWOL’s grainy 25 55.003583, -1.444611 follows. Contrasting perfectly is Pale Blue – A Heart Whose Love is Innocent espousing soulful qualities in a vibes driven, breathy song. While hints of the eighties inform the anthemic Inductive Logic by Cult of Glamour closing disc two. But back to the full selection and it’s the first and second opening numbers which also notably shine as Ian Blevins – Clouds, plus Dharma – Amb22 both feel resolutely sunny, emotive and quite wonderfully ambient.

Release: May 4



mmm02a_bside-3Last Waltz
Tunnel Snakes
Me Me Me

Man Power’s brilliantly titled Me Me Me imprint gets geared up with release number two and not surprisingly it’s also a killer. The trio that is Last Waltz open with the title tracks simmering, shimmering Acid infused workout that is tastefully funky, yet dark edged and temptingly heavy. Red Axes & Naduve deliver a fearless re-interpretation that isn’t afraid to take chances while sounding all the more impressive for it too. It’s a soundclash of ideas that lands somewhere between nirvana and a particularly strange, late-night funky jam. Next original is Y’ave Changed which again feeds the strange with unsuspecting sounds that, in this case, touch on Disco yet are so far removed from it. And then finally there is Itchy, a much more traditional House/ Electronic track in comparison complete with first-rate chugging bassline, offset by weird atmospherics along with an abundance of creative juices in flow.

Release: December 12


mememe01_artworkMan Power
Me Me Me

Sounding the perfect, resonate note for today’s population Man Power reflects his own taste onto the launch of his brand new label with this debut and self-penned release. Me Me Me, sensibly defies convention with a tale of light, dark and indeed some shade by blending neatly together warm synthesized elements and crisp robotic drums, along with the occasional nod to the classic German electronics of the seventies. DJ Tennis provides a suitably riveting remix care off chiming ambience, weird sampled voices plus probing keyboards. Either way, what more could ask for of a record label in 2016.