Lunar Disco – Devil’s Hands – Crosstown Rebels

We need more. Not Less. Music like this fires up the heart with the idea that sounds can be both thrilling, intoxicating, fizzing with intent. Not only does Devil’s Hands feature some very fine guitar licks but also contained within its web is a sassy shuffle of hot drums plus tough, strummed bass. Then of course are the smouldering, illicit vocals provided by Kate Elsworth as the song reminds us of the inherent importance of melody and words in electronic music. You will love this.

The remixes compliment the original perfectly in quick succession. Starting with the self-explanatory TAYA. & Lunar Disco Dirty Club Mix, cruising next through Luciano’s superlative version, ending on the Acid infection of Anthony Middleton’s sizzling take. Delicious.

Release: July 28

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