Lulu Gainsbourg vs Luciano – Lulu² – Cadenza Music

Beginning life as already atmospherically rich pieces located on Lulu Gainsbourg’s stunning album Replay, both numbers receive radical interpretations from Luciano who injects added energy while exciting the flow of electronic information into their rhythms and breath. Most obviously transforming the waves of delicate piano and voice inhabiting his excellent remix of L’enfance, suggesting something altogether more feverish as darker tones plus a fiery roll of drums brush against melancholy in sublime ways. Next, Opening reignites the original arpeggios adding robust percussion and bass to heighten expectations as the breakdown proceeds to elevate feelings further.

Release: December 2
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Wata feat Jorge Gonzalez – Señora Tiene Té – MFF (Music For Freaks)

I listen to this and I think of one word HOT. Luciano’s remix is outstanding coming complete with fiery hi-hats that simply sizzle as Jorge Gonzalez’s vocals smoulder temptingly across this energetic arrangement which continually pulses with a feast of ideas over ten minutes. Next is Fiat 600 whose also excellent heavy-duty version dives head first into bassline territory while retaining the captivating essence of the voice. Both the Original and Album mixes then complete the picture likewise shimmering with expanding synth lines and irresistibly shuffling drums.

Release: April 8 exclusively on Beatport then general release on April 22


Ezikiel – Tales of Roots – Cadenza

Never one to do things by halves Cadenza release this fully realised, no comprise journey into sound that will surprise and excite you across a justified fifteen and a bit minutes of detailed excellence. Accompanying the excitable flourishes of guitar are punchy, playful drums plus a feast of melodies amid a sense of anticipation which you feel could just about lead you anywhere. Next, Makha Poetry contrasts perfectly with bold bass stamping its presence all over brash, punctuating drums and layers of semi-revealed voices. Another first-rate release of music.

Release: October 6 (Vinyl)/ October 13 (Digital)


Luciano & David Morales – Esperanza – Cadenza

What I very much love about this record is the fact that neither artist feels the need to replay past glories but seek to engage with the here and now by producing this future-charged killer. Coming prime-timed for the summer season with deep, throbbing drums and bass underpinning gloriously funky percussion, which very much used to be the mainstay of House Music past, now makes an explosive return to form. Both Luciano & David Morales deliver their own excellent interpretations with the formers Flow Latino mix concentrating on a more stripped down, raw-edged vibe rewarding the listener with an emotionally explosive breakdown mid-point, drenched in feeling while making the repercussions of the return to drums all the more impactful. The later revisits his Red Zone guise updating the genre for the 21st century amid a blaze of probing synth lines plus crisp handclaps and an abundance of fiery percussion to ignite the flames across eleven fully energised minutes.

Release: Vinyl – 30th of June 2017 / Digital – 07th of July 2017



Pablo Marco (Cadenza Lab/ VIVa Music/ Low to high) Q&A

pablomarcoYour excellent new single: Deja Vu (with Hash Hendrex) is coming out on Luciano’s Cadenza Lab. How did the relationship with the label, and Hash Hendrex, happen?

Well my relation with Cadenza started right when I when to London to study sound, I discover the Blind Behaviour of Luciano in Peacefrog and it did really inspire me,, then Cadenza came out, was one of my main influences, with Ricardo, in the techno side and electronic..
Hash I meet her in London a few years ago, randomly at my friend’s house, we had a particular connection and since then it has been like an intense and unique experience 🙂

At over ten minutes long: Time is a brave arrangement and one that works particularly well. Can you talk us through the process of producing the track, and what inspired it?

Actually happen quite quick. Was a kind of emotional process, like the peace after the storm of a history. I had my studio overlooking the sea, like right on the top of the water (As u can hear is kind of aquatic, like being in a boat somehow), was amazing,, plus I had all this positive feelings in my mind, and I made it in a few hours 🙂

I get like taken by the energy of the tune and I do forget about the world when I am working in something I love.

How did you first get into Dance music, who initially inspired you?

I been a big music lover since I can remember. I played classical guitar since I am 7 and l listen to Classical, Heavy Metal, Rock, Punk, Reggae and Electronic since I was very young too. I remember before going to bed when I was a kid I could get my headphones on till very late and listen to the radio, at this late time dance music programs, and I remember hearing the hit The Night Train at the radio when I was very young,, later the first band really hitting me into electronics was Depeche Mode,, my friend woke me up with a Banger of Depech when we were in one of this Camping summer things, being a Teen and it did blew my mind….

After I started partying and electronic music House and Techno became like my priority, here is when I discover Telefon Tel Aviv, Luciano, Ricardo, Herbert, Isolee, Juan Atkins, Saunderson, and many more artists.

You are about to start a summer tour beginning in Columbia at Low to high, and then onto Ibiza. Do you fell that Dance music is now a global language, and how would you define what is ‘underground’ music in 2015?

Yes, very happy to go to Colombia,, my first time there and I must say my favorite dancers came from this country,, ………………………..And yeah music doesn’t need to use words 🙂 is an universal language,, that’s why is special.

Underground, is a paradoxical term. I think underground should be Overground but the masses are not use to pure art, their ears and eyes are not use to it so it can’t sell so much as mainstream, or get to so many people. Something actually Luciano, Richie and a few others did quite good was bringing the underground to the over ground, I mean for many people and that’s really good. The problem is that when u are a pure underground artist and suddenly you became huge,, is not easy to balance cause u have too many people and energy around u telling: oh is better if play this or that and underground can get easily distracted,, is just human. But yeah is anyhow a quite complex matter and I guess not easy to balance as an artist when making music,, is like a choice,, u can choose to make music like David Guetta, use the same formula and get super commercial, but yeah I guess is mainly doing something with a non-commercial aim what keep things true and underground, like just for the pure love of doing it, but by no means I try to do underground or no underground music, I like good music and innovation, to surprise myself and get Goosebumps. But yeah the paradox is when u play underground music for millions of people and is a super production. Is that underground anymore? Anyhow, I think the most people gets the better!!

Can you tell us about any projects that you are involved in that exist outside of nightclubs?

I had a few, like with Heart in Ibiza but I don’t have time cause I’m really focused on my own projects (all these projects require a lot of time ) that actually lately are all dance music. I am opening a Label so for this, all the gigs, eps I need to finish for other labels etc is keeping me busy enough 🙂 I am always open to new experiences though.

What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

Well my goal when I started making my own music was traveling the world sharing the love and opening minds,, and yeah still is 🙂 Playing for bigger crowds, new Places and with different artists I can learn from are in My Mind. Actually I did a little course of Percussion in Cuba a few years ago and I would love to find time in 2015 to go there and learn a bit more Before Cuba is totally changed.