Magazine Sixty Music Review with Afterlife

Greg Fenton reviews Afterlife – NagualTonalSeeing (The Big Picture Mix) – Subatomic

I think this is one of the finest pieces of music (using the word advisedly) I have had the pleasure of hearing in some time. Quite possibly a long time. If sound communicates an emotionally important, informative part in your life – like you couldn’t exist without it – you will sink comfortably into the intertwining dance of notes as they travel seamlessly across the spectrum of being. Compounded by faith in the power of music to transform NagualTonalSeeing incorporates both the beauty of movement and the compassion of empathy.

As you know already this track is made up of two differing, distinct parts, divided by the introduction of drums and bass conjuring a spark of magic and fusing musical divergence in brilliant, heartfelt ways. I love the open-ended ambience of Nagual as it introduces an escape of beautiful modular sequences jetting off toward holidays in the sun. Then joined by the percussive persuasion of Tonal forming the Big Picture Mix somewhere around the middle to elevate heart and soul into other places.

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