Man Power presents: Bed Wetter – Billy Mill is Dead – Me Me Me

If music isn’t deeply personal then what is it? If it doesn’t challenge, and upset what you expect from an artist, then perhaps it doesn’t say enough. The accents which colour the landscapes throughout Man Power’s journey into his soul, resonate with the human condition the world over as memories fade in and out of view. It is a most welcome exploration of emotion and of course the power of sound, even more so as beats are mostly dropped from the equation allowing the superior pulse of electricity to paint its own illusive picture. Rarely pausing for breath stories are told beginning with Auntie Joan From Cullercoats – though it could be the voice of your own parents talking. Then the brave, exquisite bassline of Len & Betty follows as the unfolding swirls of beautifully, rich keys accompany the listen. From there on in the poignancy continues apace breathing imagination into the escape of childhood, such as on First Metro First Light. Peppered by newsreel speech, folk tales, and even a chorus plucked from the BBC’s Children In Need from yesteryear, there is an almost transcendent, haunting quality which is forever present, while at once feeling happy/ sad. Part of the power of music is its ability to communicate. This does so in abundance.

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