Maxine Funke – Pieces Of Driftwood – Disciples

It’s almost as if early Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane or an anytime Velvet Underground got hot-wired into a drum machine as notes bounce out from the speakers dazed, certainly confused on the opening Rearview (with Alastair Galbraith). Maxine Funke’s new long player is a thrilling, engaging listen that may allude to certain reference points but strangely feels wildly contemporary like all good music should. By way of contrast the folksy strums of First In Spring tempts the mind to more introspective climes as you stretch out your musical tastes in refreshing ways. From there on in an occasional crisscross of sonic styles gets explored with tastefully wonderful results, though for the most part it is the uncomplicated joy of six strings and a voice. Try, Nicest Things as it’s an eloquently beautiful composition, poignant though life assuring. It is so good to hear actual song again and the way the brutally honest use of acoustic guitar is used against a somtimes atmospheric backdrop of grainy, electronic elements likewise provokes emotion resolving into completion.


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