Phew – Vertigo KO – Disciples

Vertigo KO isn’t really about words, although of course they are helpful in describing the experience. They also feature heavily, though are not always coherent. Consequently Phew’s latest album is magnificent just as it is unsettling, defiant leaving little to the imagination as a series of sonic manifestations present themselves to you. It can be weird, it can be exhilarating. But never, never boring or uninteresting. Connecting the breath of sound together with grainy electrical interference each piece conjures up an illusion of another time and place. Sometimes mournful, sometimes reaching for joy. Try throwing convention out of the window and draw a line between the electronic experiments of the past to now. I guess you could perhaps say meditative or contemplative but that choice it down to you…

Seek out the warm embrace of The Very Ears Of Dusk, along with the haunting Hearts And Flowers to highlight the continuing expectation of contrasting moods and colours. Try it all.

Release: September 4

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His Name Is Alive – All The Mirrors In The House (Home Recordings 1979 – 1986) – Disciples

I’m not going to risk boring you with the word otherworldly. Although, of course, it does fit this strange concoction of ever expanding soundscapes. But because listening to the artists music, predating him signing to 4AD, is a blissful experience that tugs at the edges of beauty, albeit in slightly unnerving ways. It is slightly confusing to think that these tracks have been transferred from cassette tape as the sheer intensity of it all speaks volumes about the music itself rather than anything else. You could imagine the breath of Nick Drake’s voice adorning the acoustic guitar strains on Something About Hope. While, All The Mirrors In The House conjures up a sinister imagination, contrasted by the turmoil injected emotional rush of Because Piano. This is music which exits beyond time and place. Completing via the melancholy sensations of the F Choir. If it’s safe to use the word, spiritual then let’s go for that instead.

Release: June 21