Miyasaka + 5 – Animals Garden – BBE Music J Jazz Masterclass Series

Sounding like a blast of wild abandon the title track, which ignites this set of four extended pieces from Japan’s Jazz scene of the late seventies, epitomises thoughts of time and space. Originally released in 1979 on cult imprint ALM this sequence of events travels the highs and lows of the music as equally demonstrated via the proceeding number Ballad for Mammoth, by breathing melancholy flavour through delicate trumpet and accompanying piano. Not surprisingly, Dog’s Dance then fills the void with more rigorous instrumentation siding on the corner of melody and soul. Finally, Pecker’s Blues ads swing to the rhythms as the free flow of interpretation lets rip over fiery, irresistible grooves that only enhance the hot sense of occasion. A progressive, unrelenting masterclass in the past as future.

Release: November 8


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