NETHERWORLD – Algida Bellezza LP – Glacial Movements

To say that this is soul music would not be correct. However to say this is music for the soul would so obviously be right. Behind the alias is Alessandro Tedeschi who also founded Glacial Movements and this selection of musical landscapes delves deep into his psyche – I suspect yours too when you listen. Composed entirely on a Roland VP9000 alongside a wash of various effects the music stretches out the imagination in ways to be revealed, as notes and the dialogue of sound is whispered, sometimes spoken more loudly and forcefully. Mastered and co-produced alongside Matteo Spinazzè Savaris the notes themselves talk several languages of emotional beauty and turmoil. And while it is difficult to describe it to a T, as music is such a personal and subjective matter, it is a deeply immersive experience that you will find yourself in. You may also find yourself lost in. There is an ecological story to be told as well, highlighted by the accompanying artwork which was shot by photographer Carsten Egevang, regarding Greenland’s endangered Sled Dog population. I guess that suggestion of loss comes from that not so hidden danger…

Spanning five separate tracks I would also suggest that music of this scale which is not about melody and conventional song, but about something altogether more organic and primal, despite being created solely via electrical impulses, feels perfectly human.

Release: October 18

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