Pride & Loneliness EP

What begins as a seemingly simple arrangement of drums and pulsating bass quickly establishes itself into something altogether more intriguing via the addition of dark undulating chords which lend this an addictive edge. That and the occasional touch of vocal alongside some sassy use of percussive elements fully demand your attention. Remixes come from the tougher Tribal beats of Moliner and the cool shuffling funkiness of Danzoo Shem completing another good release from this exciting Madrid based label.

release: March 24

Numa Lesage
Claire de Lune
Instudio Recordings

Sharing the same name as the Debussy classic but bearing little resemblance this rework from The Molly Guys does however still sound captivating and excellent, floating yet strident. Driven by unrelenting beats and capped by some particularly striking synth notes this also joins the words brooding and commanding together too. Expanding over the course of ten minutes this is underpinned by a commanding repetitive atmosphere that carries your attention right up until the very last moment.

release: March 3

Paul Hardy & McKai
Go Deep
Baker Street Recordings

It’s all about the bassline here. Not squelchy and warped but hard-hitting with a twist of faint melody. Accompanied by razor sharp beats this, put simply, plants a smile on your face. Released just ahead of their full EP for Baker Street Go Deep can only be the promise of yet more good times ahead.

release: March 17

The Natural
Viajero EP
Cloning Sound

This is excellent. Carlos Marí Pérez a.k.a. The Natural has three brand new three tracks for Bulgaria’s Cloning Sound which kicks off with the Balearic infused guitar of the EP’s first rate title track. But it’s not just Flamenco flourishes for sure as the guitar is played alongside a sequence of very heavy-duty rhythms that are inescapably breathtaking. Simple, direct and ideal. Red Light District comes next with continuing pounding beats and deep bass this time accompanied by seductive Organ, fiery percussion and atmospheric voices. Constitution, then completes on a more Tech tip though never loses sight of soul and feeling.

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