The Originals
Down To Love Town: Expanded Edition
Big Break Records/ Motown

originalsAlways a pleasure to hear Freddy Gorman’s impassioned vocal adorn the horn punctuated rhythms and strings highlighted by The Originals on this re-issue of their 1977 album. Positively fizzing with Disco energy while also containing irresistible melodies via the full version of the title track (co-produced by Frank Wilson) this is uplifting, soulful music that remains a personal favourite, never mind its seductive percussion fuelled instrumentation. The Originals were originally studio back-up singers who worked on tracks like: ‘For Once In My Life’ and ‘War’ to provide you with some context in the sixties. But this album certainly proves the group’s cool when required and equal state of ecstasy where needed by the next decade. Credit is also due to the production talents of Michael Sutton who lends the music a warm touch while providing the dancefloor with the contemporary punch that still works perfectly today. Two ballads on offer too, both of which have the heartfelt sincerity you’d expect from the band, while the album ends on the sassy funkiness of, ‘Been Decided’. As always with this series from BBR invaluable sleeve notes are present, in this case from Justin Cober-Lake.

Robert Dietz & Tuccillo
Kushtraxx EP
Holic Trax

HT11_02I like this. No messin’ it aims straight for the jugular right from the word go. Limited to a 5oo coloured vinyl release i.e. be quick the EP boasts three tracks plus two Shonky edits. It’s fast, heavy sounding House music that you just know is going to be epic played LOUD. Opening with Juice and its succession of punchy percussion, aided by pulverising bass and  twisted synth lines, this aims squarely at the dancefloor, and scores alongside the Shonky Edit (digital only). We Can’t Stop, comes next with a slightly less frantic trip into bass and moody sound effects, and again is accompanied by a spot-on edit from Shonky. Ishine Ushine, completes with further adventures in bass rattling, although time accompanied by funkier breaks, warmer chords and voices.

release: August 21

Esa & Mervin Granger
Anwaarding EP
More Music

esaGreat EP from Esa & Mervin Granger who inject a genuine inspiration from the Nu Groove school of thought into their well crafted music. Starting with Visum which cross wires Detroit and classic Chicago House together with 2014 to produce a refreshingly tense, yet emotionally charged sound. Complimented by an Africaine 808 remix that comes complete with cool, jazzy inflections and a tech shuffle. The stunning Anwar 491 is up next delving deeper into cinematic atmosphere’s and depth of feeling with taught Techno bass and an almost melancholy ambience, which is time remixed by Dief & Baker’s bubbling Acid referencing version to complete this first rate release.

release: August 25

Satin Jackets
Foreign Affair EP
Eskimo Recordings

satinLove this. But then it’s hard not to. Hinting at somewhere in-between Disco and Balearic but landing in ethereal, blissful territory this gorgeous production from Satin Jackets combines gentle melodies alongside a romantic punch on the suitably named Sunrise In Paradise. Next, Gelee Royale follows with a more mid-tempo swagger containing funky 80’s styled bass and chiming keys amid haunting synths, with the engaging breathiness of, Fall Apart (feat. Patrick Baker) ending not so much on a high but a delightful low.

release: August 18

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