Rowee – Your Eyes – TRYBESof

I have to say there’s something about Rowee’s production that I love. Creatively inspired, forward-thinking sounds which engage much more than just the dancefloor (although of course that’s an important factor too in all this) but which exists in a class of elevated music just like any other. This release, which appears on Lee Burridge’s TRYBESof imprint, has an abundance of those qualities on display opening with the tempting title track, Your Eyes appearing here in two versions. As with all the tracks they are driven by a compelling, rhythmic arrangement of ideas that sequence passion and in this particular case by KnowControl’s perfectly pitched, resolutely emotive vocals. The remaining numbers satisfy a range of possibilities from late night adventures, or an accompaniment to the morning sunshine, with titles such as Days Of Future Past and Sea Whisper. Either way try for yourself.

Release: May 27


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