Stefan Z & Gabriel I – Digital Lobster – TENAMPA

An excellent production positively brimming with the idea that music should provoke the listener into reacting. The wonderfully titled Digital Lobster does so with such compelling force as the temptation of heavy-duty bass pounds the walls alongside the swirling stimulation of magnetic musicality serving to only increase that anticipation. Surprisingly at seven minutes you still desire even more, which is undoubtedly also a sign. The wildly impressive remix from Sei A whose dirty, grainy kick drum feeds the fever of an alternative interpretation most powerfully again compounds the experience in a blaze of feverish thoughts as sounds shoot off in all directions, leaving The Dub of the original to excite you all over again.

Release: February 5

Electronic Groove · Premiere: Stefan Z, Gabriel I – Digital Lobster – Tenampa Recordings
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