TD – The Winking Eye – TENAMPA

What I particularly like about this is that it isn’t obvious. In fact, I had to return to it the day after first listening to receive the wisdom of that. TD, aka Tomas Dahl from Oslo delivers a tantalising, not clichéd, account of beats, basslines and hotly fuelled keys which all do the unexpected and yet feel most certainly vital. I can hear European synthesiser influences in there as sprinkles of drifting melodies are applied to the rolling basslines and punctuating percussion on the elastic, highly-sprung, The Winking Eye. And it all sounds very wonderful. The more brisk tones of, Taciturn follow via a hurried sense of urgency gathering pace as introspective motifs hover over smouldering drums and unearthly, atmospheric expanses. End.

Release: May 17


Stelios Vassiloudis & Nils Nuernberg – Everybodys Robot – Tenampa

Such a deliciously refreshing piece of music, although I guess it’s not like the label aren’t renowned for it. I love the way the production teases and tempts you into thinking it is all about one style and sound, then confounds your expectations by tearing the heart out of it. Despite the title, Everybodys Robot is a large, emotional piece of music which pulses in all the right places elevating the urgency in all sorts of defiantly musical ways. Marco Resmann contrasts with a remix that doesn’t mess around, poking straight at the dancefloor.

Release: July 9


Valdovinos – Memories from Montmartre – TENAMPA

This spine-tingling, imagination regenerating production from Valdovinos is more than enough to blow out any lingering doubts as to today’s musical resilience. Powered by a strident bassline and drums it’s the addition of powerfully atmospheric sights and sounds that also fuel the arrangement, ranging from trippy voices to repeating temptations and frisky stabs. Remixed by Neil Flynn who heightens the mood further via held, synthesized strings and punctuating electronic drum machines. To end, Vision plays out with combinations of 90’s styled keys looping plus a heady sense of occasion. PS check the accompanying fine Art-work by Xavier Fajardo.

Release: April 9


Siopis – Way Of Light – TENAMPA

Siopis pitches this exquisitely moody number in your direction scoring high again for the label in the process. I like it when you know a track is good enough to command just its own original version of itself. That all the ideas contained are executed to the best potential. And so is the case here. The words dark and atmospheric trip easily off the tongue as rolling drums are offset by sleazy synthesizers and devilishly, edgy voices. Artwork is from Xavier Fajardo. And you can get lost in there too.

Release: January 29


Nhar – Unkindled EP – TENAMPA

Another sure-fire release from the Mexican imprint this time sees Frenchman Nhar deliver suitably late-night grooves tinged with Acid, spiked with atmosphere. Unfussy, punchy drums drive it all forward as the undulating electronics add funk to the equation backed-up by tastefully treated voices on the title track. Next is the first class remix from Dubspeeka who adds deeper bass and additional space to the reverberating soundscapes. Contrasting all of the above is Praise The Sun which plays with melody, feeling breezy in the process.

Release: May 29