Jonathan Kaspar – Tia EP – Ouïe Music

Cologne-based producer Jonathan Kaspar sequences the sort of sassy syncopation we could do with a lot more of on his delirious and dangerous title track. Tia is served by acidic stabs, pulsating bass plus an intoxicating whirl of electrifying synthesis, all produced for maximum effect. The funky percussion which accompanies the proceeding Bigna feels even more intense to me alongside its brutal basslines and brooding, manifest potency that almost distracters your attention from the underlying, subtle musicality at play. Finally the excellent digital exclusive: Elin has more of that carefully crafted percussion along with a captivating expanse of heavy low-end working further magic into the equation.

Release: November 6


Jonathan Kaspar – Panem EP – These Eyes

Let’s start at the eyes which as you can see infuses the cover art with a defiantly cheeky twist on a Surrealist, even Dada-esque sense of the absurd. And if I’m not mistaken that’s a wonderfully serious distortion of a movie star too. The music on the other hand delivers hard and fast immediate and urgent rhythms direct to your stereo. Moody, nagging, edgy synthesizers command the landscape as deliriously funky percussion occupies the mainframe on the opening, excellent Panem. The slightly gentler Apart then explores similar themes albeit with a deeper, more introspective perspective and again conjures up a storyline of possibilities created by a wonderful, igniting array of electronic sounds. Thank you Jonathan Kaspar.

Release: July 13