Roland Leesker – Music Is Here – Get Physical Music

Defining the inescapable consequence that music is well and truly here the irrepressible Roland Leesker once again delivers sounds of note and distinction. Taking the fiery inflections of Chicago Acid as its starting point the arrangement channels robust bass and punchy drums together like an orgy of sleazy excitement. Addictively tantalising the rhythms are all hot and steamy while the commanding voice adds the human touch to the sizzling electronics. Who else then but DJ Pierre to provide the remix. And it comes as no surprise that the tough, invigorating results send snare drums dancing and grainy 303’s sequencing somewhere else entirely. Beautiful music may not always sound pretty.

Release: October 11

Roland Leesker – Believe – Get Physical Music

Introducing itself via a beautifully dangerous, richly addictive intensity this record hits all the right notes joining soaring techno notation together with a relentless arrangement of ideas and energy. The original version feels that touch deeper, though no less impactful, as space is given to the drums and smouldering vocals to weave their magic on this startlingly, brilliant highlight of the year so far. The brutal stabs alone combine to produce one of the heaviest, most celebratory moments you are likely to witness, while Man Power’s remix hits you with deft percussion plus a bold rush of bass alongside those infectious chords, amidst the whirlwind of excitement leaving all breathless.

Release: April 8


M.A.N.D.Y – Rhythm & Soul – Get Physical

I guess what strikes you most about this production is the realisation of technical ideas which come together so effortlessly on this fresh retake of Rhythm & Soul. The trippy, breathy spoken-word dialogue spins out a sense of Timothy Leary into the ether as pounding kick drums are offset by addictive, shuffling percussion amid layers of repeating ambience plus expanding synthesized sounds. Further remixes come from a more robust Tiger Stripes who add a crunchier more abrasive set of electronics to their tense version. And via Roland Leesker who breaks it all down into moodier, introspective possibilities that only add to the voice’s impact as sizzling Acid rhythms then infect the groove.

Release: September 22