M O N I T O R S – Plastic Jesus (Better Prophecy Rework) – Victims Music Company

Revisiting their 2017 version of this MONITORS now revitalise Plastic Jesus as a masterclass in atmospheric intention. Antoine Becks smouldering vocal remains centerstage as shimmering, synthesizes sounds wash over the stereo producing something that is both bold, dark, and deeply invigorating. Accompanied by a loose shuffle of percussion occasional hints of melody tease your expectaion while contrasting all that rich intensity perfectly.




Monitors – Plastic Jesus – Victims Music Company

First things first. This is undoubtedly a great piece of music. Not quite this, not quite that but a collection of smouldering notation that touches melancholy melodies while feeling completely energised, imaginative, thought-provoking. The arrangement allows room for manoeuvre as ideas lift and fall while Antoine Becks breathy voice intones and beckons. By the time the hypnotic arpeggios make their presence very much felt in the final third your head will nod in agreement.

Release: December 1