Takeo Moriyama – East Plants – BBE

Curated by Tony Higgins and Mike Peden the BBE J Jazz Masterclass Series is a blessing in transcendent music. In this case from 1983 and drummer Takeo Moriyama’s blinding East Plants long player. If the albums shuffling sensibilities that drive the combination of percussion, bass and reeds forward are of note then look no further than the albums opening title track. Drenched in telling atmosphere, yet robustly punchy care its deft array of percussion and breezy sax. The more unforgiving 竹 (Take) then follows in a blaze of pacey, excitable rhythms that cumulate in a rush of fiery instrumentation. Leaving the remaining tracks to play in-between the two sides of the coin. Completion occurs via the also excellent 遠 (Tooku) which sees suggestive, unnerving meanderings tie in with punctuating drums and the gentle whir of double bass. Available in both vinyl and cd format with the originals accompying sleeves notes plus art work now is your chance to experience something out of the ordinary. Not necessarily for the faint hearted but why should music be anything less than intense.

Release: September 28


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