Kohsuke Mine – First – BBE Music

I was having one of those awkward days when moments didn’t add up to making much sense. The thought of listening to the twist of Modern Jazz did not seem like the answer or even a remotely helpful proposition given the circumstance. But of course, I did so anyway. Funny then that everything suddenly made sense connecting a mind-field of thoughts to the figurative frenzy of free flowing energy greeting me from Kohsuke Mine’s 1970 release. This latest version in the J Jazz Masterclass Series, curated by Tony Higgins and Mike Peden for BBE Music, testifies to the inherent timeless qualities contained within this abundance of music and I would urge you listen to its rolling, unfolding answers as each skilful player asks the next to respond in kind. Also contained is a 4500 word sleeve note and interview with Kohsuke Mine so all the detail required is here. Again there’s little point in pinpointing certain numbers as this eloquent album merits an entire listen to soak it all up in one listen. Revisiting again.

Release: April 30
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Shintaro Quintet – Evolution – BBE Music

Sometimes music talks so loud you don’t need the distraction of thinking about it. It just is. Composed and realised by bassist Shintaro Nakamura this collection of heady, heavenly sounds was originally released in 1984, although it feels odd to place it in any given timeframe breathing with as much energy in any decade. Its fiery combination of fast and slow, contemplative and fiercely independent sees the swirl of uneasy tension replicate the highs and lows of life in a series of smouldering, smoky notes. Recorded in New York you also get the pulse of that city tapping out its own rhythm via its player’s breathing in the surrounding landscape. Now reissued as a double 45rpm 180g LP (as well as digitally) plus with translated sleeve notes alongside an informative essay and interview with band members by Tony Higgins all basses are covered furthering your expectation of this seventh release in the J Jazz Master Class Series.

Release: January 22
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Takeo Moriyama – East Plants – BBE

Curated by Tony Higgins and Mike Peden the BBE J Jazz Masterclass Series is a blessing in transcendent music. In this case from 1983 and drummer Takeo Moriyama’s blinding East Plants long player. If the albums shuffling sensibilities that drive the combination of percussion, bass and reeds forward are of note then look no further than the albums opening title track. Drenched in telling atmosphere, yet robustly punchy care its deft array of percussion and breezy sax. The more unforgiving 竹 (Take) then follows in a blaze of pacey, excitable rhythms that cumulate in a rush of fiery instrumentation. Leaving the remaining tracks to play in-between the two sides of the coin. Completion occurs via the also excellent 遠 (Tooku) which sees suggestive, unnerving meanderings tie in with punctuating drums and the gentle whir of double bass. Available in both vinyl and cd format with the originals accompying sleeves notes plus art work now is your chance to experience something out of the ordinary. Not necessarily for the faint hearted but why should music be anything less than intense.

Release: September 28