TD – The Winking Eye – TENAMPA

What I particularly like about this is that it isn’t obvious. In fact, I had to return to it the day after first listening to receive the wisdom of that. TD, aka Tomas Dahl from Oslo delivers a tantalising, not clichéd, account of beats, basslines and hotly fuelled keys which all do the unexpected and yet feel most certainly vital. I can hear European synthesiser influences in there as sprinkles of drifting melodies are applied to the rolling basslines and punctuating percussion on the elastic, highly-sprung, The Winking Eye. And it all sounds very wonderful. The more brisk tones of, Taciturn follow via a hurried sense of urgency gathering pace as introspective motifs hover over smouldering drums and unearthly, atmospheric expanses. End.

Release: May 17

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