Various Artists – We We We Sampler 1&2 – Me Me Me

First off. This highly charged collection of 25 tracks featured on the new compilation from Man Power’s Me Me Me has its own full release accompanied by two additional vinyl only releases, all in aid of the Help Refugees charity. Next off, also happy to say that each production is more or less a gem in itself. Vinyl sampler one has the explosively deep Night Charmer by Pional hit hard with rolling toms pounding out seductive rhythms as yearning voices leave their impression on your soul. Juan Maclean’s smoky Quantum Reach featuring Amy Douglas follows, while the more robust temptation provided by Force Majeure’s excellent Tiwanaku kicks in next. Edmondson’s jerky and extremely funky (and excellent) Village then lands completing. Sampler two begins with Shit Robot’s unforgiving Today I Cried, while AWOL’s grainy 25 55.003583, -1.444611 follows. Contrasting perfectly is Pale Blue – A Heart Whose Love is Innocent espousing soulful qualities in a vibes driven, breathy song. While hints of the eighties inform the anthemic Inductive Logic by Cult of Glamour closing disc two. But back to the full selection and it’s the first and second opening numbers which also notably shine as Ian Blevins – Clouds, plus Dharma – Amb22 both feel resolutely sunny, emotive and quite wonderfully ambient.

Release: May 4


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