If Music Presents You Need This: Klinkhamer Records – BBE Music

The thing about Jazz is that it etches something uniquely human into your psyche. It’s about the flood of memory, charged by the ignition of tomorrow, capturing the essence of life that only this music really does so successfully. This collection of numbers from the Netherlands, Klinkhamer Records as selected by owner Michel Veenstra is simply wonderful. Dated around the 1970’s to some point in the 1980’s it is a beautifully curated and carefree appreciation of how the sounds echo so fluently across time. Try Gianni Basso’s eloquent Epitaph for a start. Or Don Jules’ Pules Band fiery Kweenie for seconds. Diversifying the musical style is Oasis Band’s uplifting gem Don’t Let Love, complimented by Eddie Holman’s Holy Ghost both readily fuelling Jazz-Funk and touch of heavenly Disco. Leaving you at the point of intense dialogue via René van Helsdingen’s quick-fire piano in the form of Offshore Sounds.

Release: February 25
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