Masaru Imada Trio + 1 – Planets – BBE Music

Imada’s Bosendorfer piano talks to you. Fluid and flowing, eloquent like a high-class orator. This reissue from 1977 feels as if yesterday has been reborn into tomorrow. Contemporary always. Try, Planets at the beginning. Moods along with tempos lift and fall as the album then progresses packed full of life enhancing sequences, exploring texture and rhythm. Try the closing moments occupying, Sea’s Pasture drifting through shimmering cascades of keys and wonderful double-bass by Kunimitsu Inaba alongside punctuating percussion and drums from Yuji Imamura, Tetsujiro Obara. A perfect afternoon. This new edition also contains up to date sleeve notes by Tony Higgins, plus an interview with Masaru Imada.


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