Sasha & La Fleur – Förbindelse – Last Night On Earth

You’ve already probably heard all about this latest collaboration because the end result is magnificent. Not a word I use often though it feels right here. Förbindelse, has an anthemic quality that sees its rolling bassline and sassy percussion drive home across the warm envelope of shimmering keys and soaring notation. Blissful might better a better description if it were not for the tough, almost brutal beats which underpin it all. Next, and for me even better, is Rooned which somehow suggests an almost melancholy refrain, yet as the undulating pads reveal themselves, accompanied by a sprinkle of uplifting keys and pounding Acid styled bass, it all translates into a heavenly scenario.

Release: October 26


Sasha – Singularity EP – Last Night On Earth

Singularity has to be the perfect title for this latest production from Sasha. The arrangement of pulverising drum-machines lend themselves notably to the concept of fierce repetition and a singular, unsettling expectation. Which at almost ten minutes in duration leaves no aspect unturned. Underwritten by a fevered hit of Acidic bass what welcomingly becomes apparent are the warm, lifelong rushes of expanding keys that hit the emotional button full-on by mid-point. However, without doubt the more you listen to the totality of this constantly revealing number the more you are rewarded. Complementing the original is an excellent remix from BAILE who proceeds to squeeze an eternity of atmospheric resonance out of the deeper aspects on offer, resulting in an all-encompassing trip of heightened atmosphere’s and infinite moments.

Release: January 26