AMPARO – Palm House EP – Modularfield

Comprising six tracks of strummed, plucked abandon this new EP from Lela Amparo tugs at heartstrings as much as it does flick on life’s emotional switch. As you will hear below a streak of melancholy carves its niche throughout, yet the music has a celebratory American quality too. It’s big on atmosphere, perhaps just simply high on life. And again qualifies as music to get lost somewhere in, maybe just for the moment, but all the same proves to be a rather beautiful experience to while away time.

Release: October 26


Brian Eno – Discreet Music/ Music For Films/ Music For Airports/ On Land – UMC / Virgin EMI

If music wasn’t subjective then we wouldn’t talk about it. If Brian Eno didn’t exist then the world would be different. If you have not heard these albums before how you perceive experience will change. Is all of this important? You know it is. The one word that doesn’t count here is, Nostalgia. With any other type of music – with the exception of Classical – that term can be applied. Certainly Disco, certainly describing decades too. And that allows for a kind of breathy application to the music that generates its own space and vitality. A resolution that dissolves into time, breathing an eternity of potential around it. The thing is, you can feed your own emotions and experiences into these evolving landscapes. Perhaps that process is what is so valuable, uniquely rewarding you in your own location. The re-release of this set of Eno’s four defining albums is always perfect timing. Options are a) Deluxe, limited edition 2 LP heavyweight vinyl, remastered at half-speed for 45 RPM. B) Standard 1 LP vinyl, remastered at normal speed for 33 RPM. But back to the music…

Music For Airports is one of my favourite albums period. It has been for a very long time now. I’m glad it’s hard to capture the words to describe the heightened emotions it produces but perhaps try picturing, Eno ‘spending several hours waiting at Cologne Bonn Airport, becoming annoyed by the uninspired sound and the atmosphere it created’. And then witness the creating of his own soundtrack to accompany an alternative airport experience. In retrospect it is also slightly bizarre that this album was originally released in 1978 at the height of the pointed, angry energy of almost everything else that surrounded it. That’s equally, uniquely Brian Eno, who incidentally produced some of those very bands too: Devo, Ultravox etc. Each of the other albums holds a special significance numbering: Discreet Music (1975), Music For Films (1976), and finally On Land (1982). I have purposefully avoided the word Ambient here because that may colour your idea of what might happen next. When what might actually happen is that your brain might explode into a sea of thought, pulsing with sound and motion. Listen.

Release: November 16



Matuss Q&A

Hello and welcome to Magazine Sixty, Julia. Let’s start with the label you have co-founded with Abe Duque: Absence Seizure. Can you tell us about the meaning behind the name and about the artwork for the labels latest release?

Meaning behind the name is a direct connection between absence seizure symptoms and all the music related process, such as writing for me and in some cases, listening. Point is that you blank out and there is this super excitement from intense brain cells work…
Latest artwork looks to me like an alien from my favorite cartoon Lilo and Stitch, so this one is for me 🙂

Seizure No 10 features two tracks from yourself, along with one by Abe Duque. Can you talk us through how you created Crashing Hard, including any particular pieces of software/ hardware you like to refer to?

Entire track was made from discoveries with Rytm Analog by Elektron, which was the latest addition in a family. I was on a floor pretty much the entire time, while rolling with my back on Lacrosse ball, ahahaha… because hardware piece gives you the ability not to sit in chair (which I get tired from) and not to look on a screen much. Then I threw it in Bitwig, had some cherries and sprinkles on top here and there and voila! Getting creative with names tho is a work in progress for me, so Crashing Hard was an obvious choice in my head, due to the nature of the track.

How many records would you say you owned, and why is vinyl so important to you?

I have my clothes and records pretty much in every part of the world, for various reasons. Even now being in Berlin, I really tried not to buy many records. I was telling myself everyday don’t do it, be reasonable, how you gonna take all this to the airport…didn’t work. Because I went to stores and fairs and the minute I see a good record I almost start shaking. So I have to buy it! It’s already too many and I am gonna have to possibly leave some here���� but the good news is next time I am back to the same place, it’s already there for me! Why vinyl? It’s simple, the feeling. Completely different from anything else and it works in my case. Yesterday I went to record sale and somehow (absolutely have no idea why) Phonique – For the time being (Ripperton remix) starts playing in my head.. and I think – oh, would be great to find it. I go thru couple shelves and here it is. I bought it for 1 euro. I can’t explain, what those moments do to you, it’s beyond me…You don’t need anything else on your life, really. Just 1 euro to buy it, ahahaha.

If you could choose three records to highlight your most significant influences what would they be? (any type of music, old or new)

If we are talking about actual vinyl that I own, 3 records that I will remember for the rest of my life, will always dance to it and will always play it – than it would be the following

Bucketheadz – the Bomb
187 lockdown – Gunman
John Julius Knight – Find a friend

Those are pure magic.

Tell us about your life in New York compared with living in Europe? Do you have a favourite place to buy or hear music?

New York is a very intense city, so I have a much higher pace, I suppose. 2 weeks feel like 2 months 🙂 It is the only place, where I get very emotional when I touch the grounds. Plane lands, I cry. Have no idea why. In Europe, I love that Berlin is very bike friendly…makes me so happy just to bike around.
I like Halcyon store. My friends work there, always great atmosphere and coffee. Especially in summer, you can go right up to the Output’s rooftop right after 🙂

What is your favourite instrument?

Saxophone. I love jazz. Piano would be second choice. I play both and it’s a very different feeling you have, while playing. Maybe breathing have to do something with it for me. I feel like sound comes from my insides and it does in a way… with piano it’s a mental connection. When I went to see “LaLaLand” movie, I came out red with swallen face, because I cried my eyes out and it had nothing to do with the story. Music did that to me. I was kinda mad at the same time, that I couldn’t stop crying 🙂

How would you describe the feeling you get from DJ’ing? And do you think there is a difference communicating though words and song, or just rhythm and instrumentation in Dance Music?

Feeling from dj’ing is the best high for me. You go though all this process of butterflies in your stomach and hands shaking, to connection though the music and all the feelings that come with it. I am very lucky to have that in my life.
Words presence in a track def makes difference. It’s a very complex topic in general. Shitty lyrics can absolutely ruin track for me. Good ones can make it much better. Thing is, what’s good for you, not necessary good for others.. I never was a fan of tits’n’ass lyrics, ahahaha.. Last time I listened to lyrics was Tarantulaz – They forgot it (Marques and Todd’s remix) beautiful vocal by Monique Bingham and very meaningful lyrics, about how people forgot what music is for…makes sense big time…I wish I could write something like that, but it’s def not my strong side – God knows I tried 🙂 I think it’s all another talent to do that. I guess it’s very case by case situation, when we talk about words presence. I do enjoy party with no words whatsoever and I def can get down with soulful house one as well, depends 🙂 Also, if I listen at home – I pay much more attention to words vs. when I am out in a club.

And finally. Tell us about your forthcoming plans?

Making video for Alien is my Boyfriend. Very talented person behind it, so I am super curious about the finished product 🙂


No Else – Get Ya – Roush Label

Infused with a liquid funkiness that’s hard to pin down Gábor Szeles aka No Else supplies four equally killer numbers for Roush. The title track, Get Ya kicks off with a series of fiery, no messing drums and bass which became all the more fascinating when augmented by the creative sounds and effects colouring the stereo. The crunchy, Tape Matters comes next with shuffling rhythms offset by more crazy voice snippets and ideas moulding themselves into your subconscious. While, Off The Handle then aims squarely for the dancefloor, leaving the addictive snares and hi-hats of the excellent Popstop to work themselves into distraction completing this first rate release.

Release: October 19


Various Artists – Freq Traxx Vol. 2 – Superfreq

Of course this is good. But then Superfreq never fails to present itself in anything less than the most positive light, which in this case, casts a gaze across the four excellent tracks making up Vol.2. Opening with Tenampa’s Gabriel I and Italian producer Rawbach who have co-produced the devilish, exhilarating raptures of Taured the excitement and energy levels are set to stun. Delicate Droids follow with the wonky bass driven Not Fit To Make Tea, while Radio Rental’s robust Deep Lana follows on with more probing, refreshing music. The teasing Acidic tones of Zap Club by A-Eno-Acid then round of the selection with its reference to the Brighton venue. Each track a standout in their own right.

Release: October 12


Gibs – Salt & Pepper – Phonogramme

Exported from the home of Parisian record shop Syncrophone the artist Gibs has created beautiful music that is both life-assuring and emotionally charged. Opening the release with the percussion fuelled Find An Oasis, which suitably comes drenched in atmospheric strings creating the sort of atmosphere you would want to get lost in. Beyond that the bass is taught as it delivers a definite dancefloor punch alongside the remaining drums and imaginative use of sounds which highlight the edges. Jakarta, feels deeper, more probing in nature as it explores darker territory. Leaving the rich, jazzy vibes of Der Germain to complete another great release of sound from Phonogramme.

Release: October 15


Heinali – Iridescent – Injazero Records

Oleg Shpudeiko aka Heinali revisits his alias once again, for the purpose of this album, to deliver a cascade of shimmering motifs which resonate together like fire and ice. There is a dramatic depth of emotion reached for via the conduits of electronic sounds which are times gentle, reassuring and at others simply stark. Iridescent, for example explores the brutal architecture of techno without the drum machines and is almost overwhelming. Whereas the proceeding, Shadow Invention imagines melancholy scenarios that pulse and fuse the airwaves with poignancy. Either way you’re left with the feeling that something wonderful has just crossed your horizon as the music dives and rises across boundaries of mood and expectation.

Release: October 12


Bel – Ready to Die – Claremont 56

I love this song. However, let’s start with the words wistful and breezy. But then let us not forget the contrasted sense of melancholy, plus the sting in the tail, which accompanies the heart-tearing melody. Ready To Die is a beautiful composition by anyone’s standard and if there is more in line like this then who knows where Charlie Bel could end up. Mixed by the label’s Paul Murphy who captures the sorts of feelings which tune perfectly into lost weekends, alongside a sense of longing which may well yet be fully satisfied.


Dåser – A.I EP Inc – Extended Play

Belfast’s finest export, Extended Play plays havoc with the senses as any expected notions of Electro fly out the window. While Dublin’s Daser effortlessly blends a wild combination of pulsating, futuristic beats together with fizzy, energetic Acid lines. You can hear that knowing nod to the early 80’s in there but you can also most definitely feel 2018 reaching throughout. Then Sub Club resident Domenic Cappello delivers the kind of excellent remix which really deserves that description. He turns it all upside down releasing a darker inscription across the arrangement, reworking the synthesized arpeggios into a blaze of contrasting moods and signs too. Remaining tracks, Convent Inferno works an element of Detroit into the equation and the more playful, tempting atmospheres of Low Serotonin complete this most notable release.

Release: October 26


Strafe – Set It Off – DIRTYBIRD

A record that comes steeped in history – for all the right reasons – fusing the smouldering electronic sounds of 1984 alongside Walter Gibbon’s production prowess. Justin Martin now receives the honour of an official remix of this timeless classic. Unlike a simplistic re-edit that safely reimagines nostalgia this Remix links the past with today in a blaze of confident excellence. The beats remain firmly planted in Electro, pulsing funkily as they do, while the synths now contain that contemporary edge updating the number in wild style. Next, the Party Starter version plays with the future and an altogether different reworking Set It Off for the 21st century – where we all belong. PS great Artwork from Nico Salazar too.

Release: October 12