Gruth – Laments – Tormenta Electrica

Forming a part of Juha Puuperä and his sonic output I want to use the word music to describe this yet can’t seem to grasp it. In many ways this informs more of an experience, albeit a startling one, which journeys into terrains of sound. Unsettling, Brutal, Unforgiving. But rewarding, thought-provoking escapism that will thrust you forward into somewhere else entirely. Perhaps even into a different reality, it’s that powerful. Please don’t expect gentle, wistful melodies or reaching to be a star Tech. This runs much deeper than that. God knows where, upon completion, it will all end up? Although there are moments which dissolve into light relief, you just need to know where to look. Listen below. The feeling might never leave you.

Release: Limited-edition cassette + digital on July 31.


Luuk van Dijk Q&A

Hello and welcome to Magazine Sixty, Luuk. You recently celebrated your 22nd birthday at Shelter in Amsterdam. How did it all go? And can you tell us about your connection to the City and to the Club?

Thank you for having me. Well, that was quite a night haha, for me it was such an important night, because I made my debut at the club in December ‘17 with Denis Sulta and I couldn’t believe they offered me to program a night in their massive club at my birthday. For me it’s one of the best clubs on Dutch territory, wicked sound system and party vibes all night long. I invited one of my all-time faves Subb-An B2B Adam Shelton so that was already one of the best gifts I could ever ask for my birthday. Julian Alexander for the warm up, Ash & Adam on peak and me on the closing duties, dancing till the early morning with all my friends and the best crowd. Moving to Amsterdam was a good move, I’ve met the most kind people, got to see the best dj’s play and all that just within 20 mins cycling tops. That’s why this city is so amazing, nightlife=Amsterdam.

You played WOMB in Japan back in May. How do you approach DJ’ing in a different part of the world? Do you believe music is a universal language, or do certain countries (or even cities) have particular nuances?

That was one epic night, I could play everything I wanted and people went nuts. Just what you want and need as a DJ. In Holland you can notice that every city likes something else. For example in Utrecht people dig the more underground groovy house sound a lot and in Rotterdam the crowd loves a bit more techy vibes. In Amsterdam it just depends on the night and club. That’s what I love about DJ’ing, every set is different and 80% of the time you don’t know what to expect. When I’m playing an all-nighter you will hear me playing groovy minimalistic vibes for the first couple of hours, then it’s just House & Tech House, then I could get a little bit more melodic and if I feel like, you could hear me playing techno for the last 1 or 2 hours. I think it’s really important every city, country is different. It keeps DJ’s fresh and sharp.

Your sets encompass a diverse range of sounds. Which artists have been the most important influence to your style? Are there any musicians or artists outside of the world of electronic music which have also informed you?

I’m into a lot of different music, mainly electronic music of course but if I’m listening to music myself you can find me hearing a lot of Hiphop, Disco, Jazz, Funk you name it. The most important thing for me that the music has soul in it or if it makes me just ‘jack my body’ I’m more than okay with it haha. DJ’s who I look up to the most are Jamie Jones, Kerri Chandler, Apollonia and The Martinez Brothers. Musicians who I inspire me are Kendrick Lamar, Biggie Smalls, Billy Cobham and Jamiroquai. As long as it’s good music I’ll love it.

How would you say that your generation of DJ’s and the Clubbers you play to have differed from the previous? Are things the same but different, or have they evolved into something else?

I think this question isn’t relevant to me because I’m just 22 years old and only 5/6 years in the scene now, of course I’ve seen footage about raves from back in the days but I never experienced those in real life. I guess with music it’s just a cycle, every 15 years or so the sound changes back to its roots. I always look back to tracks from 10/20 years ago, I just absolutely love the oldskool sound.

You run your own night PUUR, in Hiversum. Tell us about the philosophy behind the night?

2 years ago a very good friend of mine came to me with the idea to throw parties in my hometown Hilversum. We wanted to give something back to the dance scene in Hilversum because there was no underground scene at all. The concept was a full on experience, theme based. So one edition you were at a supermarket, the next time you were in a car garage. I headlined and I invited local talents and sometimes bigger artists. After doing 12 editions in 3 different cities we thought it was a wrap, we decided to throw one more party and we’ve put all our last money in it, it was one hell of a emotional night but damn it was epic haha. Now it’s just time for something new 😉

Do you ever think watching DJ’s on the internet will ever replace Clubbing?

Never really thought about this to be honest, but I’m sure it will never replace the real deal. Of course it happens a lot now, you see livestreams everywhere and it’s a great way promoting your event or just for fun. Also it’s a cool way to educate kids with good music (depends on which stream of course haha) and see dj’s play although they can’t go to clubs because of their age. But nothing compares to a good dj bringing energy to an ill-lighted club with a massive sound system.

And finally. Please share with us your future plans for yourself both as a Producer and DJ?

Things are going next level now and this summer is looking so good! Playing festivals like Awakenings, Welcome To The Future, Mysteryland, STRAF_WERK and a lot of the top 20 festivals in Holland. Also there’s a lot of new music coming out, which I’m really happy about.

Luuk van Dijk’s Parallax EP (featuring a remix by DJ Skull) is out 20th July via Hot Creations. You can listen/pre-order the EP here

For more information on Luuk, be sure to check out his Facebook, Soundcloud and Resident Advisor pages


Dave Aju & Thatmanmonkz feat Foxxee – They Sleep We Love – MFF (Music For Freaks)

Warning: the message contained here feels somewhere between an exalted prayer and an explosive revolutionary tract. Either way you’ll love the brilliant, stunning intent. Afterall, Attitude is most welcome in these days of safe, boring box ticking. So it’s not surprising to say that the music smoulders, sounding dark and heavy, as the voices proudly proclaim the testament. This most definitely is, in a word of three syllables, excellent. There’s nothing much else to say. Listen to the record.

Release: July 20



Mannix Ft. Lisa Shaw – So Much Time – Favouritizm

I’ve always loved Lisa Shaw’s voice since her Naked Music days, as I’m sure you have too. Consequently this Summerchill remix by Mannix of the more recent 2016 number pulls on the heartstrings, tearing worlds apart, creating a sense of urgency that contrasts perfectly with the music’s beautiful, breezy warmth. You could mention the letters R&B (plus that kind of tempo) but why restrict such a gorgeous piece of music (and song) by a label. The strings are of the calibre of Burt Bacharach, the keys are simply sublime, while the voice is soulfully exquisite in ways that you almost forget about when listening to so much of today’s voice-less electronic output. The only downside is that there are only four minutes of this ecstasy.

Release: July 16 on Traxsource promo. Full release July 30.


Jimpster – Selected Remixes 2008-2017 – Freerange Records

The third retrospective set of remixes by Freerange co-head Jamie Odell (aka Jimpster) further completes the outstanding breadth of his output covering the years 2008 to 2017. There is a timeless quality to the music here which only goes to reinforce its strength and consequently the innate power of House Music, although there are certain keynote signatures which the artist employs setting both his own standards and distinctive flavours. While obviously taking cues from America there are determined UK and European hints to it all via the keys, beats and playfulness. And it is this distinction which enables the music stand out from the rest. Fair to say that there’s not a shallow moment contained across the entire selection from the techier movements of Kasper Bjørke – Alcatraz, through to the tougher version of Josh Wink’s excellent – Jus Right, and certainly not forgetting his outstanding rework of Andre Lodemann – Where Are You Now, to highlight but just a few. Proving that music does not exist in decimals in-between numbers and robustly works, or not, as decibels on its own merits this latest compilation arrives primed and ready for the seasons determined heat. The package also contains a continuous mix by the artist himself, so there is really no excuse not to…

Release: July 13


Alton Miller – A Says Hello EP – Release Sustain

Sometimes, occasionally a record ignites your heart within the first few seconds it plays. Other times it can take repeated listens to fully grasp the idea being conveyed. So I guess it’s that purely emotional point that strikes the right chord here. A Says Hello sets the scene with chiming keys which lift your expectation as the tastefully crafted Kick Drum and rubbery bassline drop into the equation, and from there on in it is pure delight. Cool But So… follows with a Jazzier intention soaring in amongst the shuffling, notable drums with Chaos In The CBD remixing, injecting a more furious energy into its summer grooves. Finally, the poignant thought provoking sequences of Below The Underdog complete this great release of sounds and emotive quality.

Release: July 12


Stelios Vassiloudis & Nils Nuernberg – Everybodys Robot – Tenampa

Such a deliciously refreshing piece of music, although I guess it’s not like the label aren’t renowned for it. I love the way the production teases and tempts you into thinking it is all about one style and sound, then confounds your expectations by tearing the heart out of it. Despite the title, Everybodys Robot is a large, emotional piece of music which pulses in all the right places elevating the urgency in all sorts of defiantly musical ways. Marco Resmann contrasts with a remix that doesn’t mess around, poking straight at the dancefloor.

Release: July 9


Matthias Vogt – Roger – Badam Music

Confidently sitting in the ‘this is a great record’ position Badam Music’s debut release is right in so many ways. Retrospective yet resolutely futuristic, musical yet tough and demanding, Roger almost feels like a lost Jazz-Funk classic, albeit with a very strange twist of course. Check the uplifting, smoky chords employed by the original accompanied by the Stevie Wonder inspired improvisations, or Huxley’s absolute killer remix which beefs it all up while retaining that rocksteady sense of bliss.

Release: July 13


Pan Amsterdam – Landlord Elijah – Def Pressé

I don’t know why this perfection of rough and ready emotion is so utterly heart wrenching. It’s not like a review much in the line of this genre anyway, so I guess it’s the sheer impact of Pan Amsterdam’s story that hits hard and home. The music is captivating robustly giving strength and blessing to the succession of words, and comes with a fresh Re-Do with Mr.Shn. Perhaps best to put it this way. Listen to the message.

Release: June 22
Impact Date: August 31. 2018



So, String Theory. Is it about strings or theory? Or the combination of both? Perhaps the opening GIVE IT UP reveals part of the answer as its soaring combination of fiery Trumpets, rushing arpeggios plus timely drum-breaks alongside refreshingly cool chords all eventually crash and burn, while disintegrating into the rather beautiful Like This, igniting a sense of past times via engaging rhythms and evocative atmosphere’s. The album’s title track then feels reassuringly familiar touching upon classic Balearic vibes moulding sunsets amid poignant instrumentation that in turn play with a variation on strung strings. However, blue sky thinking is firmly grasped on a number of tracks and the darker, more intense edges relished on the likes of the blistering BARBUDA along with the deeply resonating SPANISH FLY move the music in intoxicating directions. The probing, blissful electronic weirdness generated by the echoes contained within the particularly brilliant final number, LAST SUNSET perhaps best gather up all that previous information and transform it all into epic proportions completing another first rate realisation from the maestro Steve Miller. As a bonus two remixes complete this latest long player with the first track, Give It Up getting frisky and jazzed up care of WOLF Music’s Medlar, then contrasted by Futureboogie’s Christophe who injects further party excitement into it all.

Release: July 6