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Mark Barrott
Sketches From An Island 2
International Feel

Mark Barrott is the person behind the acclaimed International Feel Recordings and you can check out his blog on Balearic culture below – I’d happily recommend that you do. But back to the music contained on this latest release, which acts as a taster for the forthcoming album to be released in June. What can I say other that it contains some seriously beautiful music. On board are the nine minutes of the blissful Formentera Headspace Blues (Pt’s. 1 & 2) which sets the scene for the mood of combined positive rhythms and inner vibes. Deep Water then follows smoothly on with haunting woodwind accompanied by pulsating percussion, while Go Berri Be Happy chimes perfectly with acoustic guitar and fuzzy bass. My favourite track is next, Essene which is picture perfect guitar and strings and I could listen it all day with pleasure. Back To The Sea ends the sense of release with the appropriate sound effects as slide guitar gently drifts off, as you will do, into the ether. This is music you can drink in: Smile and be happy.

release: May 5

L A Williams
Lucid EP
Sounds Of Juan

Not always registering as my sound this distinctly Techno number is however high on atmosphere and intensity. Crafted by a succession of unnerving sounds and whirling repetition this captivating production deftly captures your imagination on Lucid. Second track, Night Walker again creatively fusses brooding sounds together with a dark intense groove that bubbles away with anticipation. Listen below….

release: May 5

All Weekend
Savage Music

Infectious techy production from Cabarza who follows up his debut Daydreaming most impressively. Just the one mix for you to get your teeth into but then who needs another when it’s this good. Taught bass, hard hitting beats and jazzy snares drive this alongside vocal hits and the odd synth stab and effect. I guess you could say its strength lies in its simplicity.

Faded Ranger
Be On The Lookout
hfn music

Ahead of their new album is this taster to wet your appetite. In ways it’s the instrumental version of Be On The Lookout that proves to be great but then that would deny you the pleasure of these curious, rather enticing lyrics. Musically it’s a slightly oddball combination of House organ and staccato guitar like rhythms which are driving, funky and commanding. The Faded Rethink lacks some of the certain charm but then it is a tougher rendition.

release: April 28

Rory More
Looking for Lazlo
Sudden Hunger Records

Spring has sprung just in time to soak this album’s glorious rendition of dreamy 60’s melodies and cinematic atmosphere’s. Rory More’s sterling production values ignite this seamless soundtrack in a blaze of Technicolor with the opening title to the album saying it all amidst hazy horns and rousing chords. Songs adorn numbers such as Gabriel’s Theme with Anna Sheard’s dreamy voice adding extra appeal to the smoky vibes and rolling rhythms. Gemma Ray also provides vocals in her case to the jaunty No Air. Yes it’s all superbly retro but then there are plenty contemporary hints to revel in too via the imaginative synthesisers on offer. Frankly, there’s not a rubbish track on here and if you’re looking for a summer evening’s accompaniment then I would highly suggest this.

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I-Robots present Klein & M.B.O.
Last Call
Opilec Music

The next vital release from Opilec is set to be released on this year’s Record Store Day. And if you aren’t already familiar with the heavily influential Klein & M.B.O from the notorious 80’s then here’s your chance to hear just why they were and still are. Appearing as the European Connection Unreleased Instrumental the number bears all the hallmarks of what was to happen next with Dance music with its shimmering bassline and electronics offset by breezy guitar and drum sounds all set to four on the floor. I-Robots provide two new versions that wash the arrangement in swathes of atmospheric synths, while Chicago stalwart Gene Hunt retains more of the originals playful feel with his two takes featuring the glorious syncopated b-lines in full. DJ Skull proceeds to loop it into distraction, leaving Headman aka Robi Insinna to deliver another killer blow maintaining all the Electro/ Italo Disco reference points succinctly.

release: Vinyl April 21/ Digital May 12

Forty Fings Dynamo
La Dame Noir Records

The new side project from Adrien (one half of Villanova) and Emmanuel aka Solofour kicks off in fine style with the EP’s title track. It’s all about the B-line here (again) with this euro-disco infused nugget sounding supreme chugging away alongside crisp beats and breathy spoken words, all proving dangerously addictive. My Favorite Robot deliver their own version complete with Electro drums aided by a more caustic bass and unsettling synths lending the vocal an altogether more disturbing twist – lovely. Excuse Me is next with more Acid/ Nu-Beat styled rhythms for your delectation with Alejandro Paz’s heavily treated remix providing an interesting alternative. All in all, a fine release of music.

release: April 21

Dark Beat (Addicted To Drums)

The title says it all really. Although originally released back in 2003 Dark Beat still retains its distinctive twisted drumming, though drops the melody of the vocal in favour of darker edits. Updated by Danny Daze with tribal pulsating, abrasive beats coupled with moody swirls of synth this feels every bit as hard, heavy and captivating, in either of the two new versions available here as way back then.

A Man Was Had
Restless Soul

Great new release from Restless Soul with Orinn’s neat fusion of influences sounding just great here. Centred around a tastefully soulful vocal delivery, plus a melodic sprinkling of synth tones and Tom Tom Club like keys, this shines centre-stage with a determined funkiness that has sunshine blazing all over it.

Out now:

The Unknown
BPitch Control

Dillion’s second album is a rather stunning affair. Opening with its title track, The Unknown the playlist proceeds to ignite your senses via the sometimes challenging array of emotions on display. From melancholy to melodic delicate vocals float their way across poignant piano and electronic sounds producing music that, is mercifully, hard to categorize yet so obviously mesmerizing. Beautifully produced – I wonder how Brian Eno would compliment it – it’s hard to pick out a favourite track. However, in one sense this is all about the resulting ambience created in your own space. The words contain a certain poetic justice delivering a sting in their tail, just as the music does.

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Julian & Der Fux
Hin Und Weg EP
J.hruza Records

JHR614Good to see the confidence of five track’s worth of quality music making the grade on this release. Without You opens with a Talking Heads styled guitar lick and then proceeds to jam undulating electricity all over it. There is something so effortlessly funky about this yet it’s offset by almost melancholy vocals and delicate piano chords which help define this captivating production. Hin Und Weg continues in the similar vein although expands the sense of melody along with brooding synth lines. Magic String plays on the shuffling funkier elements of their style to great effect. Unglaublich is next with almost Yello styled vocals taking centre stage alongside a very dramatic conclusion. With the tougher Durch Die Stille finishing off this first rate EP.

release: March 21

SR Krebs
She Like Remixes
Her Majesty’s Ship

Cover remix S.R. KrebsOriginally released last year Sarah Rebecca Krebs AKA S.R Krebs icy cool vocal gets remixed with three new takes on the song. Beginning with Ewan Pearson’s excellent eighties inspired version which takes its cue from euro-disco and even comes complete with fretless bass sounds. However this doesn’t merely replay the past but adds a very contemporary sheen to the striking vocals. Hiem, then give a much tougher rhythm with attacking basslines and punctuating synths that again works particularly well with the vocal. Moscoman, provides the final mix and again plays with synthesised atmosphere’s to lend it all an epic feel.

release: April 14

Thomas Leyh
Who We Are

WWA002For the labels’ second release Berlin based DJ/ Producer Thomas Leyh delivers three tracks for your pleasure. Ironically starting with Goodbye which places a yearning, slightly uncomfortable vocal over pulsating stabs and bass. But the real standout happens next with the title tracks’ sumptuous, dark bass and commanding piano coming together in an enticing arrangement. Do It Now ends on a lighter set of notes coupled with a more playful sense of melody that draws you gently into its way of thinking.

release: March 31

NTFO & Karmon

3516-180339_600Great two track release from the always tasty Diynamc imprint, although I’m slightly late with reviewing this, good music always keeps. First off is Metropolis which lives up to its name with all the tension of the city twisted into a dramatic electronic landscape that suitably hints at a classic Kraftwerk synth lines in the process. Next, Composit picks up the pace with tough, brooding bass accompanied by a brutal kick drum and shimmering synthesisers which cumulate in a gorgeous breakdown of the elements. Both tracks are in the region of eight minutes long and both worth every second.

Rock It, Don’t Stop It – compiled by Sean P
BBE Records

Sean P’s excellent compilation of the not so obvious from the early days of Hip-Hop/ Rap makes for inspired listening. Plus, you also learn something about the music into the bargain. There was always something more playful and even funkier with this era, but then after all if you’re taking your cues from the likes of Chic and Kraftwerk then it always would be. Consisting of ten tracks which sound like they could only have been recorded between 79 and 83 you get a real feel for this great party-time music. There are a number of standout cuts, though you can’t help but like the boastful Rappin’ Partee Groove by Rappers Rapp Group, the life affirming Cat Claw and the Better Love Crew’s The Golden Rule, and representing the ladies the brilliant latino percussion fuelled Oh, Yeah from the The Jackson Two.,%20Don%27t%20Stop%20It#.UzBxk864XTo

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Tell us about your return to production as H-Foundation, and what were the reasons that made you decide to stop in the first place?

H-Foundation-1Halo: We decided to bring back H Foundation about 3 yrs ago within those 3 yrs we have been hammering away in the studio with tons of new material including labels Supplement Facts, 1Trax, One Records, Magnetic, Leftroom & our label Surface. When we decided to give H Foundation a break it was a mutual decision to focus on our own musical careers.
Hipp-e : We parted ways mainly to focus on our solo careers as well as start families and ground ourselves a bit. When we decided to bring H Foundation back was after finally re connecting musically as well as maturing and growing as individuals, we have a completely new passion for what we want!

What became known as the ‘West Coast Sound’ pioneered by you became heavily influential throughout Europe and beyond. Who has most influenced your sound in 2014 either in Dance music or outside of it?

Halo : WOW thats a tough one we have been influenced by so many Djs & Producers, like Loco Dice, Hector, Re-Up, Francisco Allendes.
Hipp-e : Yeah and we are collaborating with some great artists, like David Durango and Proudly People as well as Allendes. Also we are really inspired by the people we have signed to Surface. There is solo much great music and artists out there, we are excited for 2014!!

Your latest single: Kontrol Room has just been released on DJ Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings. Can you talk us through how you produced it and about any favourite pieces of studio equipment you like to use?

Halo:  Sneak’s been family to us for years and it was the perfect timing to produce something special for him for Magnetic, about 6 months ago I flew down to Denver to work on Kontrol Room we spent about 4 days on it we wanted to incorporate something fresh but with an dubby space teky vibe thats where our friend C.1  came into the picture, we wanted him to freestyle about being in space.
Hipp-e : Yeah Sneak is old friends we have talked about working on tracks with him for years and he’s always supported and guided us as family does, We are happy to be part of his camp!

The single features C.1. How did his involvement come about?

Hipp-e:  C1 is an old friend of mine from Denver and he has been in the scene here for years. He is part of a Rap group” FoodChain” a group of super talented guys. we wanna work more with him in the future!

How would place the importance of vocals/ songs in Dance Music? And how do you feel about the current vogue for Disco re-edits and the influence of early 90’s House again?

Hipp-e and Halo: We super picky about what vocals to use in our music and the music we play, we don’t think its super important to have a vocal in every single dance record I think it should preference. WOW yes theres a lot of Disco Re-Edits coming out, we don’t really play any disco edits out but I’ve heard some really nice ones. Since we were Dj’ing in the 90’s we are huge fans of that dirty 909 feel there’s tons of really nice stuff coming out at the moment that s been influenced by the early 90’s stuff.

Can you tell us about the plans for Halo’s Surface Recordings? And about any other forthcoming releases?

Hipp-e and Halo: We have some really nice projects lined up for Surface including projects by Francisco Allendes, Proudly People, Hector & H Foundation
We are busy at the moment working on a few really nice projects and remixes we also have an album coming out this April on Sneak’s Magnetic label thats called “Passage Of Time” which is about 16 of our classic remixes and original material from 1999-2004 remastered.

Where can people get to hear you DJ?

H-Foundation-2Hipp-e and Halo: we’ve held of off touring the last couple yrs to work in the studio and get a bunch of new material out with that said we have decided that we are going to start touring in April so you will be seeing a lot more of H Foundation Dj dates


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Vinicius De Moraes
Modernism And Bosa Nova
el/ Cherry Red Records

VINICIUS DE MORAESIf the title doesn’t immediately grab you then music most certainly shake you upside down. Although almost despite its title the music owes as much to the film’s it sound tracked as it does to the bright lights and rhythmic swing of Rio de Janeiro. To put this into context Vinicius De Moraes wrote the play that became the infamous Black Orpheus as well as co-writing The Girl From Ipanema made famous by Joao and Astrud Gilberto. The tracks shuffle between the highly charged atmosphere opening Orpheus of the Carnival (Overture) from 1956 and the Latin flair of Ana Lucia’s Agua de beber, alongside the torch song vocals of Alaide Costa and Baden Powell’s acoustically strummed Sem voce. Occasionally words are spoken, but mostly sung while the music all contains a certain sparkle that transcends the time and language barrier remarkably well. Indeed, if the sun remains accompanied by Cocktails in the evening this could well be your winning spring/ summer soundtrack.


Alex Mine and Stiv Hey
The Paths EP

There is little else to say about Closen Path apart from it ROCKS. And if you get sucked in by the idea of grinding, relentless repetition then this is just perfect. Sitting somewhere between Techno and House, although frankly more of the former, these pulverising grooves are irresistible with dark voices teasing alongside crisp drums and a tense arrangement of sounds. Separate Path repeats the formula this time with more emphasis on the bass tones and again comes with twisted vocals adding colour.

release: March 17

Eduardo De La Calle
The Motorglider EP
Cadenza Records

Another slice of captivating music from Cadenza sees the Spanish producer once again stun you with an array of captivating sounds. Beginning with the delicate, rich textures of Somewhere In Your Arms which plays a set of original electronics over pulsating tribal beats feeling musical and progressive – in the sense that its transporting you somewhere new. Next, Altar De Sacrificio is altogether more Tech with sparkling synths offset by brooding pads in the cinematic sense, while final track Broken Bonus twits moody stabs over cool broken beats to complete this first rate EP.

release: March 4

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Pride & Loneliness EP

What begins as a seemingly simple arrangement of drums and pulsating bass quickly establishes itself into something altogether more intriguing via the addition of dark undulating chords which lend this an addictive edge. That and the occasional touch of vocal alongside some sassy use of percussive elements fully demand your attention. Remixes come from the tougher Tribal beats of Moliner and the cool shuffling funkiness of Danzoo Shem completing another good release from this exciting Madrid based label.

release: March 24

Numa Lesage
Claire de Lune
Instudio Recordings

Sharing the same name as the Debussy classic but bearing little resemblance this rework from The Molly Guys does however still sound captivating and excellent, floating yet strident. Driven by unrelenting beats and capped by some particularly striking synth notes this also joins the words brooding and commanding together too. Expanding over the course of ten minutes this is underpinned by a commanding repetitive atmosphere that carries your attention right up until the very last moment.

release: March 3

Paul Hardy & McKai
Go Deep
Baker Street Recordings

It’s all about the bassline here. Not squelchy and warped but hard-hitting with a twist of faint melody. Accompanied by razor sharp beats this, put simply, plants a smile on your face. Released just ahead of their full EP for Baker Street Go Deep can only be the promise of yet more good times ahead.

release: March 17

The Natural
Viajero EP
Cloning Sound

This is excellent. Carlos Marí Pérez a.k.a. The Natural has three brand new three tracks for Bulgaria’s Cloning Sound which kicks off with the Balearic infused guitar of the EP’s first rate title track. But it’s not just Flamenco flourishes for sure as the guitar is played alongside a sequence of very heavy-duty rhythms that are inescapably breathtaking. Simple, direct and ideal. Red Light District comes next with continuing pounding beats and deep bass this time accompanied by seductive Organ, fiery percussion and atmospheric voices. Constitution, then completes on a more Tech tip though never loses sight of soul and feeling.

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System2Who are System2?

Two guys from Manchester who have been around the industry for a good 10 years.  Launching a new alias but without giving away too much on who they were previous. The mystery suits us.

Your first release: Waxing Egos EP was just released on Underground Audio with your next release: Smoke & Mirrors EP appearing on your own label soon. What made you decide to set up your own label and how have you found the process?

We aren’t cutting any corners with the label.  Going out on both formats & putting money into artwork & good PR.  We have had a bit of a break from the industry from a different project have ended up with over 30 tracks ready for System2.  Starting up a label seemed like a logical way to get our music out there rather than wait around for feedback from the others.  We are still gonna be signing stuff with other labels but this seems a good way to get the ball rolling for us in our new venture.

Smoke & Mirrors is based around some seriously funky breaks. Where did you get your inspiration from for the track and can you talk us through how you produced it?

It’s very much a funk soul inspired track.  James Brown esk.  There is a small sample of him in there as you might here.  We have rolling kicks as the bass in the tracks. No official bass vst was used, just kicks.

sysliveWhere can people get to hear you play?

Coming up we have gigs at Dry Live in Manchester (March 22), HAUS in Liverpool (March 29), Gorilla in Manchester (April 12) we are hosting this party with Paranoid London & Hanfry Martinez.  We should have a gig in Northampton confirmed in the next few days for March 28, it’s just going through the last stages now.

How would you describe the scene in Manchester at the moment?

Healthy with lots of competition.  You have the big venues like WHP, Victoria Works, Sankeys, Albert Hall.  Then Gorilla, South, Joshua Brooks, Dry Live. Some wicked venues all hosting great parties week by week.  It’s tough as a promoter in Manchester at the minute.  Especially if you run something at one of the smaller venues & you come up against a 10 headliner event at WHP or one of the bigger places

Which artists have influenced you most?

We get our influences from a wide range of artists, but I’d say these producers have made in impact on our System2 work – Paranoid London, Apollonia, Marco Carola, John Dimas, Alex Arnout, Wade, Peace Division

What’s next for System2 in 2014?

System2 002 will follow the debut label release & we have John Dimas on board working the remix.  We have stuff signed to Kaluki too.  Got a huge backlog of music & hopefully people will get the chance to hear most of it in 2014.  We expect a busy year with releas

The Smoke & Mirrors EP is released on March 10 on System2′s own self-titled label

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SeanBrosnan12What is the concept behind Future Disco?

To bring together the best upfront House music that is inspired by Disco sounds.

The latest compilation is: Future Disco Vol 7: Till The Lights Come Up. How do you go about choosing which tracks are included? And how important is it to you to include a selection of styles and moods?

I start with quite a vast set of tracks and I tend to compile as I go adding or taking out tracks that I put aside for the compilations, I listen to tracks hundreds of times just to make sure they stand the test of time. If I get bored with them I take them out.

I think it is important to have a theme and that’s why we have a subtitle each time, so it gives the album some grounding and concept to work towards. It’s much more interesting that way.

You also run the Future Disco Radio show – which is still a remarkably successful medium. How do you feel radio fits in to today’s digital world?

Radio I believe is more successful than ever and I think that’s due to people using radio both in real time and catch up. We follow the same principles with our show going out on broadcast stations across the world and then streamed also on our soundcloud page every Thursday. It allows us to pick tracks between albums and also talk about what we are up to.

Who influenced you to become a Dj and what inspired you to set up your own label?

I remember my friend buying some turntables and a mixer from a Tandy store and they didn’t even have pitch control ! So impossible to mix. But from that day I knew I wanted to have turntables too, there’s something about collecting music and playing it that’s really good fun. My own label was just natural progression from that. When you DJ for a while you like the idea of a label and how you can craft a sound and work with artists.

Which artists have been the most important to you over the years, either within or outside of Dance music?

Sticking close to home I would say Mario Basanov as we work together closely so I’ve listened to so much of his music over the past few years. Then I like a lot of different music outside Dance mainly downbeat electronica.

How would you describe the health of House music in 2014 in terms of its retro influences and the art of song writing? What do you see happening next?

I think it’s healthier than ever and evolving in a nice way, most people understand investing in the creative side is what keeps you and the scene fresh. For the future maybe more live instrumentation in the performance and I see more countries scenes getting stronger.

SeanBrosnan21What are the future plans for the label and can you tell about some the events you have planned for 2014?

We plan to do a lot more albums in 2014 – both compilations and artist albums. We are also doing parties in London on 8th March for an album launch, Unknown festival in Croatia and of course Ibiza (watch this space).

Album launch party:

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Spencer Parker
The Moment Not The Memory EP
Work Them Records

packshotTime for Spencer Parker’s contribution to the label with two new tracks each provoking different sides of House/ Techno. For me, and for those who love beautiful chord progressions, Faster Forward is just perfect. Keeping you guessing from the outset as pulsating beats pitch themselves in a tough manner things soon proceed to get emotional as the tactile piano notes and warm pads simply ooze atmosphere over a total of almost nine minutes. The flip-side, Spacial is altogether more about Detroit and I guess ticks all those boxes just right too.

Eric Volta
Blood Burgundy EP
No.19 Music

no19_19046_1500x1500A standout production which may not be to everybody’s taste but certainly should be. Teaming up once again with vocalist Gretz who adds a haunting, spiritual dimension to the opening Blood Burgundy while also being a captivating piece of music in its own right. Floating seamlessly across your stereo and emitting enticing frequencies that feel deep though full of energy this sounds in a class all of its own making. Followed by the electronic eighties inspired Concrete Jungle and then complimented by the left field ambience of Against the Rain it’s all first rate. This only leaves a Reprise of the title track to tease you still further…

release: March 19

Ross Evans
Leena Music

Great release from Mobilee sister label Leena and yet another excellent set of productions from Ross Evans. Kicking things off is Caliente which is deceptively Disco but positively twisted into almost something else via a harsh set of beats and treatments of the sample and voices. Part Of The Dream is up next providing a totally different aspect with rich, ambient tones and crisp drums combining tastefully. “Asylum”, isn’t as devilish as the name suggests but a techy form of release that never loses breath, leaving Walk Of Shame to strike a familiar chord after every late night return by way of funkier synths and intense bass.

Patti LaBelle
Big Break Records/ Sony Music

Always good to add a touch of class to the proceedings and Patti LaBelle is certainly that, and more. Her fourth album saw the angelic vocalist team up once again with Allen Toussaint and this album positively shines all the more for it. Of course he also produced Lady Marmalade with Patti as Labelle in 1974. But fast forward to 1980 and the more contemporary sound of Disco with the opening Give It Up (The Dawning Of Rejection) and the full version of the uplifting Release (The Tension), plus Get Ready (Looking For Love) – they do like brackets! All great stuff and with Christian John Wikane’s detailed sleeve notes you can never go wrong. Listen for yourself below…

release: February 24

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Psychemagik feat. Renegade
Black Noir Schwarz
Crosstown Rebels

CRM_121_LabelADon’t quite know why it took me a second listen but in love with this now. Psychemagik are producer’s you clearly pay attention too while having set the world alight with their diverse approach to music making that always keeps you second guessing. In this instance devilish House beats and delicious rumbling Bass feel all the more addictive care off an invigorating arrangement of punchy vocal edits and off the wall effects. Remixes come care of Tensnake who gives it a more sinister twist and the excellent Minéo who then adds a creative, funky groove to the title.

release: March 10

Smoke & Mirrors EP

Debuting on their brand new label Manchester’s System 2 give House Music a definite twist with the inclusion of funky breaks à la James Brown style. That and the cutting horn stabs lend it all a distinctive funkiness which oozes 70’s grittiness that’s so hard to capture authentically. Pounding and relentless this sits neatly between House and Hip-Hop as vocal snippets tease you into defying the possible distinctions. Hanfry Martinez then stokes the tension further via his remix that gives the breaks and bass a crisper edge feeling all the more vital for it. Nobodies Freakin, plays with those same influences on another original production that you can’t help but move to, leaving Body to end with a more challenging groove befitting of the EP’s serious intent.

release: mid March

Various Artists
Future Disco Vol. 7 – ‘Til The Lights Come Up

Number seven in the series continues with the concept that in ways sums up the place where everyone seeks to be: Future Disco. And opening with Sonny Fodera feat. Cajmere super sassy ‘You’re The One’ is a hard act to follow but the one thing this compilation isn’t short on and that’s flair as Sean Brosnan’s mix traverse’s the highlife. For me the moodier moments are all the more intriguing such as the Psychemagik remix of Mirror People ‘Kaleidoscope’ but then the irresistible funk from the likes of  Benoit & Sergio’s ‘Shake Shake’ comes a pretty close second. For some reason this compilation seems more diverse than the previous with happy peak-time tracks easily offset by a wider selection of styles, leaving the haunting tones of Tale Of Us & Clockwork ‘Lost Keys’ to end on an amazing low note.

release: February 24‎

El Vagabundo feat. Pablo J
Luv Lite

This stunning production contains everything I love about nightclubs. From the Latin inspired percussion to the Flamenco styled guitar coupled with deep basslines these 9 minutes of sheer Balearic pleasure are a joy from start to finish. Scan Mode Sound Sistema Dub follows by stripping down to essentials on what is another equally irresistible take. Two versions from Portugal’s Jepe then follow and finish, although it’s hard to choose between the weirdness of the Intercontinental Planetary mix or the House rhythms of the Red Sand Mix. Sunshine music.

release: March 10